Top 13 Offbeat Spooky Valentines Day Gifts

I believe in love and am a hopeless romantic, so I am not necessarily “anti-valentine”. I just celebrate everything in a nerdy, weird, geeky and macabre way just for fun!

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Celebrating Samhain: The Witch’s New Year

The celebration of Samhain in the autumn is a way of being mindful of the season, pondering and accepting death, connecting with our ancestors, and giving thanks for an abundant harvest season. Although Samhain is a Pagan holiday, this way of being is deeply human, it is universal, and should, therefore, be inclusive of all people from all walks of life. Join me, one and all, to learn a bit about both the history of Halloween, and the celebration of Samhain, the Witches’ New Year.

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Watching Halloween movies and making Halloween art…in June!

When you make Halloween art to sell you must begin creating early in the year. People think I am weird when I say I am making Halloween art in June, but how else is it completed in time? Continue reading “Watching Halloween movies and making Halloween art…in June!”

Witches in Art: Digital Altered Art of John William Waterhouse’s Famous Fine Art Witches Dressed Up for a Halloween Spoof!

When I, as an artist, am true to my own self and combine several of the things I love together to create art, magic inevitably happens. Such is the case with the creation of my witchy Halloween spoof of John William Waterhouse’s paintings “The Magic Circle” (1886) and “The Crystal Ball” (1902). I love John William Waterhouse paintings, pre-raphaelite art, Halloween, witches, and PHOTOSHOP… so you can tell I had a lot of fun here! Continue reading “Witches in Art: Digital Altered Art of John William Waterhouse’s Famous Fine Art Witches Dressed Up for a Halloween Spoof!”

Witch Crafting: Making a Mixed-Media Halloween Box

I am not a traditional scrapbooker, but I absolutely love to play with the magically decorative scrapbooking papers, stickers, and notions available on the market. Combining a variety of materials to create a mixed-media piece of art, or functional item, is fun and the ideas are limitless. This tutorial is for a Halloween box, but could, of course, be used for decorating any style of mixed-media box. Continue reading “Witch Crafting: Making a Mixed-Media Halloween Box”

Spooky and Scary Classical Music Songs for Halloween

Songs like “The Monster Mash” and “Purple People Eater” are fun songs to play for a  party, but to scare up some spine-tingling fright at a Halloween party, play some haunting classical music. Many classical songs have a creepy sound that is perfect to put you in the mood for the Halloween holiday.

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How to create a Witch’s Potions Cabinet for Halloween

I transformed my dining room cabinet into a spooky witches apothecary cabinet full of potions, spells, webs, herbs, and skulls. It was such a fun project and the results are supernatural, creepy and cool! Continue reading “How to create a Witch’s Potions Cabinet for Halloween”

How to Build a Halloween Village Holiday Display

Haunted miniature villages are a spooky and whimsical display that you can add to your Halloween decorating display this fall season.

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